Corporate Partnership Program

Host eye exams for your employees or boost your community visibility with sponsorships

Be part of the vision

Help directly fund equitable eye care clinics in Canada by integrating Nation’s Vision to your corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. Or simply host a mobile optician visit at your workplace. Nation’s Vision eyewear can be directly billed to most insurance plans and the mobile optician services come at no additional cost to your company.

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How it works


Sponsor or host a group event or clinic

Sponsor a humanitarian program with Nation’s Vision or plan team events where a mobile optician can bring glasses to your team. Set up a consultation and we’ll work with you on the details of your event or sponsorship.

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At your group event

Our mobile clinic brings with it all the equipment and a large selection of glasses so that your team can be well taken care of at your location. We offer competitive rates for glasses and contacts, no matter the size of your company.


Get glasses, give glasses

Not only will our optician return for proper fittings and deliver your new glasses directly to you and your team, but you’ll all feel good knowing that you’re supporting your local community.

We've got you covered

We direct bill to most major insurance providers.

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Lydia Iyegbu, Optometric Assistant

"It's actually a beautiful experience when you see a child come in after the exam. They're all smiling and they feel excited. You hear some of them say, “Oh, I didn't know that was blue!!” That expression they have? It just gives us joy. These are kids who may never have had an eye exam. When they see --  it's exciting!"

Reyann Kherfan, Optometric Assistant

"Seeing someone who wouldn't be able to access glasses actually get them and be able to see and do their day-to-day things. To see how it changes their world, especially when they put those glasses on and you hear them say: “Hey! I can see now!”

Anjelica (Calgary, Alberta)

"It was a great experience trying on glasses at work and having Louise come and fit them there. And I love that their buy glasses and give glasses program helps low-income kids and seniors get new glasses too."


We come to you, saving you time and money. We can observe the employees so they have the proper eyewear when performing their daily tasks, which will in turn increase their productivity!

Our mobile service carries over 300 petite to oversized frames for children to adults.

No, with no overhead our services are actually less than your traditional optical store! Plus with our “Get Glasses. Give Glasses' philosophy, your purchase helps priority populations receive the eye care they need.

Yes, we can direct bill to most insurance companies.

We are very flexible, accommodating evening and weekend appointments.

Be part of the vision

Your support enables access to equitable eye care and eyewear for Canada's local priority populations.

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