Mobile eye care for all

With highly specialized equipment, we bring licensed optometrists and opticians directly to your door. At home, at school, or at work.

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Adult Exams

A comprehensive eye health check for adults.

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Child Exams

Annual exams are fully-covered for children under 19 years old.

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Senior Exams

Annual exams are fully-covered for 65 years old and over.

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Dry Eye Syndrome

Find relief for stinging and burning sensations in your eyes.

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Digital Eye Strain

Do you spend a lot of time on screens?

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Glasses & Contact Lenses

Affordable and portable. With a large variety to choose from.

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Introducing Nation's Vision

Eyecare for senior citizens

Eyecare for children

Eyecare for priority populations

Eyecare for children with special needs

Elyse (Okotoks, Alberta)

“Was such a cool experience; I didn’t know it was offered where you come to us (on a busy work day even)! You were such a big help to us! We picked out so many sweet glasses! Thank you again!”

Anjelica (Calgary, Alberta)

"It was a great experience trying on glasses at work and having Louise come and fit them there. And I love that their buy glasses and give glasses program helps low-income kids and seniors get new glasses too."

Jen (Calgary, Alberta)

“Louise, the optician, came into my house with a ton of frames. She helped me choose a style that looked best on me and when it was ready she came back to adjust. That was super convenient for me. The prices I'm pretty sure were cheaper than if I were to go to my eye doctor and purchase there”

Equitable eye care for all

Not all Canadians have access to quality eye care for a multitude of reasons including lack of coverage. Together, let’s help our neighbours and remove the barriers to accessing affordable and equitable eye care.

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