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School children


Participating schools in the Calgary area

Consider the single mother and her child residing in a shelter to escape abuse. The newcomer and the refugee, new to Canada with minimal support. Or the senior citizen with weakening vision, unable to leave her home to have her eyes checked. The members of our local First Nations communities, inhibited by systemic racism.

Each represents a priority population facing countless barriers to eye care, which we aspire to break down.


When you get new glasses at Nation’s Vision, you are directly funding equitable eye care and eyewear programs that underserved Canadians can depend on.

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Supporting Canada's local priority population

Low-income school children

80% of childhood learning is visual
3 in 4 children from ages 5-9 have never seen an optometrist
1 in 3 low-income school children need glasses

Nation’s Vision is the proud provider of annual comprehensive portable eye care to thousands of low-income children providing services on-site within Calgary Catholic School District, Calgary Board of Education and Conseil Scolaire Francosud.

Affordable new eyewear are offered to all school children, but if a family is having financial limitations, we offer a subsidy or the glasses for free.

2019-20 Nation’s Vision In-School Eye Care Report


Participating schools


Students examined


Glasses provided to school children

Senior Citizens

Seniors with vision loss experience:
2x the number of accidental falls
3x the incidence of depression
4x as many hip fractures & injuries

Vision is an essential component of everyone’s health but is particularly important for our seniors. Common conditions such as Diabetic Retinopathy,
Age-related Macular Degeneration, Cataracts and Glaucoma are a few of the many reasons why our seniors need annual eye exams.

Accessing services can be difficult, due to cost, transportation, and mobility issues.

The comprehensive mobile eye care services Nation’s Vision offers all levels of community living, from those living in their own home to memory-care nursing homes, access to affordable care.

First Nations Communities

1/3 of Indigenous people in Canada haven’t had an eye exam in the past 2 years.

Indigenous communities face a number of barriers to accessing eye care. National Vision is committed to continuing to improve eye care services for priority indigenous communities.

Providing eye care services to one of our most vulnerable populations, low-income Indigenous school children, is a founding tenet of our grassroots efforts.

Nation's Vision provides free eye examinations and eyewear in Niitsitapi Learning Centre and Piitoayis Family School, ensuring students and their families can access eye care and eyewear.

Vision for all

Although most of our patients are immigrants, refugees, First Nations community members, low-income seniors, school children, and post-secondary students, all those in need are eligible.

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