About Nation's Vision

Nation’s Vision is a grassroots multidisciplinary portable eye care team that  provides accessible and equitable services to local priority populations.

Mobile eye care specialists

We bring licensed optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians directly to your door to provide comprehensive eye care services.

Mobile technology

We have highly specialized equipment which helps us bring the whole optometry office to a convenient location near you.


We ensure accessible, equitable and affordable eye care services for all.

Socially responsible

We pride ourselves on the sustainable provision of eye care and eyewear for those unable to afford it. Supporting our local communities in accessing the essential eye care they deserve.

Helping patients overcome barriers to care

Implementing an innovative patient-centred approach and leveraging the support of our community to sustainably aid those in need.


To provide high quality, affordable, accessible and multidisciplinary eye care to priority populations in our local communities.


To ensure every Canadian has access to quality, affordable, and equitable eye care

Beyond eye care

Nation’s Vision is the eye care team of Nations Health,  a multidisciplinary healthcare platform. Affordable (free or low-cost services) offered through this platform also include dental hygienists, dieticians, physiotherapists, social workers, mental health therapists, and various other healthcare professionals.

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Nation's community of support

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Who do we serve?

Low-income school children

Senior homes

Humanitarian clinics

Group consultations

Corporate partners

Portable optical service