A Guide to Dry Eye Syndrome

Do you frequently have dry, stinging, burning eyes? Do you often notice tears rolling down your face? 

About 30% of Canadians experience symptoms of dry eye. Most cases of dry eye are temporary and mild, in more severe cases, this condition can have harmful effects.

Nation’s Vision is able to provide comprehensive dry eye care to help detect and relieve the symptoms of this condition, restoring your vision and health as quickly as possible.

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What causes dry eyes?

Factors that increase risk include:

• Age

• Gender

• Environment

• Computer Vision Syndrome

• Medical conditions

• Medications

• Contact lenses

• Refractive eye surgeries

What are the effects of Dry Eye Syndrome?

We blink more than 11,500 times a day. With Dry Eye Syndrome, each blink can be irritating and painful. Eventually, these effects can lead to long-term impacts: 

• Increased susceptibility to scarring of the eye 

• Blurred vision  

• Light sensitivity 

• Difficulty wearing contact lenses possibly increases the risk for eye infections

What are the treatments for Dry Eye Syndrome?

The best first step is to book an appointment with Nation’s Vision. We can examine your eyes and determine the cause and severity of your condition, as well as recommend the appropriate treatment.

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There are a number of self-care treatment methods for dry eye:

Increase the humidity in your home

Blink more frequently

Take frequent breaks from your computer screen

Wear quality sunglasses when outdoors

Remove your makeup thoroughly

A warm compress over your eyelids

Drink water and follow a nutritious diet

Contact lens wearers, talk to your eye care provider about different lens options

Your eyes are important. Dry Eye Syndrome treatment and management are essential. Make an appointment at Nation's Vision to identify the cause of the problem, and a recommended course of treatment.

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Pay forward your Dry Eye Syndrome care

Ask our team about contacts and eyewear that help you manage Dry Eye Syndrome during your next exam or mobile optical appointment. For every purchase, we help ensure low-income school children and seniors also get the eye care they need.

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