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Sight test vs eye exam

How often should I go for my eye exam?

The Canadian Association of Canada recommends that adults aged 19-64 receive an eye exam at minimum every two years. 

If you have never been prescribed glasses, it is common to ignore your eye health the older you get. But an annual eye exam by an optometrist can reveal serious health problems that often go undetected. These can include cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Included in your eye exam with Nation’s Vision

No-cost mobile visitation at your work or at your home (we come to you)

Acquisition of detailed medical history

Examination of the cornea or lens

Examination of the retina

A comprehensive eye health check

Pre-testing including visual acuity, colour vision tests, depth perception, eye coordination, and more

A complete eye exam includes more than just a sight test to assess your prescription for glasses and contact lenses.

What can an eye exam say about my overall health?

Your mobile optometrist can detect eye health problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. Often in time for effective treatment. These visits could also uncover serious overall health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes or thyroid disorders. 

Your eye doctor can also prescribe topical medication to treat or control certain eye conditions, infections or diseases such as bacterial conjunctivitis, often known as pink eye infections.

An eye exam is not a “screening test” or “sight test”

Don’t be misled! Sight tests and screening tests use automated equipment to measure your eyeglass prescription. The tests are often free or cheaper than a normal eye exam, but they are often inaccurate or not enough to evaluate your eye health.

Factors such as binocular vision (how your eyes work together and adjusts their focus) also impact your eyeglass and contacts prescription. You could develop eye strain headaches or even double vision if these are not taken into proper consideration.

Sight tests do not include

Examination of the cornea or lens

Examination of the retina

Detection of serious health issues

Acquisition of detailed medical history or eye health check

Breaking down barriers in eye care

3 in 5

Canadian adults may be living with vision loss

1 in 7

Canadians experience symptoms of eye disease but only 1 in 2 have seen a healthcare professional

3 in 4

Cases of vision loss are preventable or treatable

3 in 10

Canadians over the age of 40 may have eye disease despite normal vision

Most people at high risk of vision loss don’t access eye care. Factors include lack of coverage, asymptomatic ocular diseases, and perceived lack of benefit to care.


Yes, we can direct bill to most insurance companies.

We have highly specialized equipment which helps us bring the whole optometry office to where it’s convenient to you. Whether at your home or at your office.

We bring a selection to you. We carry over 300 frames from children’s glasses, teens’ to adults’ frames. You can also pick from our collection of sunglasses, petite frames, and oversized frames to suit your unique needs.

No, our mobile services and eyewear cost less than your traditional optical store or optometry office. We can carry out our services without the overhead of costly monthly clinics with waiting rooms. We pass our savings directly to you. 

In addition, with our Get Glasses Give Glasses philosophy, your purchase with us helps low income and marginalized Canadians receive equitable access to their care or new glasses. Your purchasing power has extra mileage at Nation’s Vision!

When you book an eye exam, mention that you’re looking to wear contact lenses. We will include a training session and fitting in your appointment.

At the comfort of your home or at your work, a staff member will properly teach you how to insert and remove contact lenses. There is no extra charge for this support. 

Together, let’s make eye care equitable and accessible to all

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