Comprehensive eye exams for seniors

Mobile and equitable eye exams

By age 65, 1 in 9 Canadians develops irreversible vision loss. By age 75 this increases to 1 in 4. 

Seniors’ eye exams are covered 

Even if you’ve been visiting the eye doctor regularly for your entire adult life, your eye care routine may need to change as you age. The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends a visit every year for seniors over 65.

There is no reason to delay your exams due to insurance issues or concerns about high appointment costs. Alberta Health completely covers the cost of exams for seniors over 65.

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Insurance coverage explained

As a senior, why do I need an annual exam?

Seniors may also be at risk of a wider variety of eye conditions. If left untreated, most conditions can jeopardize not only their sight but their quality of life.

Regularly scheduled appointments and screenings can help keep a senior's health intact and minimize negative effects.

Early detection is key. Many common eye diseases have no early signs or symptoms.

An annual comprehensive eye exam can detect and lead to the treatment of:

• Potentially serious conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease 

• Common eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration

How can an eye exam help with my overall health and quality of life?

Maintaining eye care health is critical to healthy ageing. Poor vision can greatly increase the risk of fractures and falls. These are among the leading causes of injuries among Seniors and pose a significant threat to their independence and well-being.

When left untreated, visual problems can contribute to cognitive decline and possibly increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

What are the signs of vision loss that I should be aware of?

If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to notify your health care provider as soon as possible:

• Difficulty reading or writing

• Trouble driving at night or missing street signs

• “Clumsiness” when moving objects

• Difficulty completing delicate tasks such as sewing

• Sensitivity to light, or seeing a blurred halo around light

• Difficulty distinguishing between darker colours

What is included in a Seniors Eye Exam at Nation’s Vision?

An eye exam for seniors tests:

• Vision

• Coordination of eye muscles

• Peripheral vision

• Pupil response to light

• Measurement of fluid pressure in the eye

We also screen for:

• Sight changes related to ageing

• Eye conditions that affect a high proportion of seniors

• Changes in vision as a result of medication side effects

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Eye care for senior citizens

Vision for generations

For seniors, access to affordable services can be difficult, due to cost, transportation, and mobility issues. With Nation's Vision's mobile clinic, affordable and accessible eye care is available to people living anywhere, from their own homes to memory care facilities.

Did you know that seniors with vision loss…

Are admitted to nursing homes 3 years earlier

Seniors with vision loss have 4x as many hip fractures

Seniors with vision loss experience 2x the number of falls

3 in 4 cases of vision loss are preventable or treatable

Seniors with vision loss experience 3x the incidence of depression

Safety, confidence, and inclusion are essential elements of seeing.


We come to you, wherever you are! With Nation's Vision's mobile clinic, affordable and accessible eye care is available to you in your own home or memory care facility.

We are very flexible, accommodating evening and weekend appointments.

You do not need a referral to book an appointment at Nation’s Vision. All Albertans are covered by Alberta Health* for medically necessary and urgent care visits to their doctor of optometry.  

We have the proper knowledge, tools and equipment necessary to diagnose, treat or refer to a specialist if needed.  This includes things, such as:

• Eye infections or injuries

• Foreign objects in the eyes

• Sudden changes in vision

• Monitoring for diabetes issues, glaucoma and retinal disease

• Post-operative care for cataract patients

No. Never.

We bring glasses and eye care services directly to the people we serve because it is one of the ways we remove barriers to healthcare. There is no extra charge. 

We bring a selection to you. We carry over 300 frames. You can also pick from our collection of sunglasses, petite frames, and oversized frames to suit your unique needs.

We bring a selection to you. We carry over 300 frames. You can also pick from our collection of sunglasses, petite frames, and oversized frames to suit your unique needs.

Yes, we direct bill to most major insurance companies. Just ask to process the payment for you. 

We’re also happy to help provide you with cost-effective options for glasses and contacts that will help you keep your eye care costs low.

We have highly specialized equipment for our Senior patients which help us bring the whole optometry office to where it’s convenient to you. Whether at your home or your senior living community.

Free Exams: Eye care Coverage for Seniors (65 years+)

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) covers annual eye exams for adults aged 65 and up. The province's health insurance plan also provides coverage for all emergency visits to an eye doctor.

Eye exams that go to seniors

If you’d like to see Nation’s Vision host on-site eye exams at your senior living community or one that someone you care about resides, email us at

Senior in-home clinics